Our Story

Lumen IT was founded in Calgary, Alberta, during the COVID-19 pandemic. This context has enabled us to build streamlined, progressive services and solutions, that are built for the realities that small and medium businesses face today. We believe in delivering nimble, resilient, and value focused solutions that amplify your productivity and protect your business.

Lumen IT is shining light on all things tech, helping bridge the gap between home and office with innovative and secure solutions.

Our Mission

Make high-value technology solutions accessible to small and medium businesses. We strive to make you and your teams better, amplifying productivity and results through the strategic use of technology.

Build long-term partnerships with our clients, providing guidance and advice to help them navigate technology as they grow and evolve.

Our Values

Continuous improvement and growth, in our service delivery, and in our technical knowledge and capabilities.

High-quality customer service — focused on our client's experience, demonstrated through every interaction.

Diversity of opinion, perspective, skills, and experience.

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